Individual project

Duration: 3 weeks

To shoot a picture and to be a master

Project brief

Combining AI (artificial intelligence), digital image processing and other technologies, I designed an APP for people who want to learn photography but give up for useless self-study or excessive learning time. The user starts with the popularized mobile phone and by clicking on one master’s work that he wants to imitate, the phone will recognize the parameters, focal length, composition, body size and other information of the photo and help the user to compose a picture and adjust the parameters, making the user feel the fun of shooting a blockbuster while learning.

Background research

How hard can it be when learning photography?

Questionnaire on photography problems

In order to have a deeper understanding of the situation and problems of photography, I have conducted 76 valid questionnaires.

According to the above results, when camera owners are faced with simple questions about parameter, more than half give a wrong answer.

Further research

Through the above questionnaires, I ask people with cameras special questions to find out if they really understand professional knowledge about camera.

Further research

Then, I interviewed three people with cameras, and observed them how to learn photography.


According to the questionnaire, interviews and my observation, even though most people spend a lot of money and efforts to improve photography skill, such as googling online, reading books or consulting friends, they still have misunderstandings of camera parameters and cannot shoot good photos. In sum, learning photography is difficult.


| How can we make people learn photography easier?

Teaching and learning online can be more convenient and take place everywhere. Moreover, anyone who cannot afford a camera must have a mobile phone. Each mobile phone contains a camera now. Thus, I determined to design an app to help people learn photography.

Work flow

In mapping the system flow, we specifically focused on fulfilling certain requirements such as inputting license plate information. We wanted to provide more options for inclusiveness but also not overload on features or pathways.

Main functions


Prototype testing

The low fidelity paper sketch severs a simple and quick way to convey my idea, as well as I early stage use test.

Testers info

Work flow

And then came back to refine my wireframe a little bit before diving into high fidelity UI.




Mood board



Gender neutral


Due to app name, Master pic, results from masterpiece, pick and picture words, the elements of logo can be M or P.

Logo design

High fidelity UI

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