Easy park

With less waste of time to find a suitable parking space

How to solve the problem of parking difficulty?


Nowadays,  with the growing number of cars, parking lots generally cannot afford the high demand for parking spots. Parking difficulty is a common problem for drivers, parking lots and municipal traffic. We can cooperate with parking lots, municipal traffic department and navigation apps, so as to help drivers park their cars as soon as possible.

User research

In order to better understand the problems of parking lots, I conducted 3 interviews with drivers in the different driving age and explored a questionnaire via the internet towards all kinds of drivers, then ask people using different existed tools ( helping them solve the parking problem). I gained a fundamental qualitative knowledge of how college students using different ways to find a parking space. 



Through the interviews, I found out that: nowadays, with the growing number of cars, parking lots cannot meet the high demand for parking spots, and that is why people find it difficult to get an available parking spot. Moreover, large-scale parking lots usually take us more time to find the car. 

Therefore, I want to establish a new parking lot system.

A questionnaire about parkinglot problems

In order to better understand the problems of parking lots, I have distributed 60 questionnaires towards people driving cars for a long time. The result is as follows.

We can see from the following data that most of the drivers find it hard to park cars and get back to where they parked. So establishing a product to solve these problems is quite meaningful.

Relative products

Some products can only be applied in some vehicles. Now the public facilities in the parking lot are not easy to find and cannot be predicted. Therefore, I want to design a product to help users know the condition in the parking lot in advance, which can save time, enable convenient operation, and be commonly used in all vehicles and parking lots.

Painpoints collected



Tom is a hardworking employee, but he has a bad habit of getting up late, so he is always late for work and thus deducted. However, he would not be late if he could find a parking space, so he is sad. And he always comes home later than expected because of the waste of time in looking for his car, for which he is upset.

Potential solutions for Tom

1. Get up early

2. Sleep less

3. Do not have breakfast

4. Take public transportation

5. Buy a private parking space

All solutions are not perfect for Tom. For example, getting up earlier will cause his sleeping time less than 8 hours. It cannot keep a good health and 2 hours for fun is not enough. Thus, my design purpose is to help people liberate from labor and get a better life.

Ideation & Concept


Painpoints of parking stakeholders

Through interviews and questionnaires, I knew that many drivers have encountered problems in parking lots. But after an in-depth analysis, I found that the allocation of parking spots also involves interests of many parities such as the government and the parking lot owner.

Design demand with business cooperation

All of the pain points are related to the allocation of parking spots, so we should reasonably allocate the parking spots to achieve a triple-win situation.

Mind map

The mind map shows the functions and appropriate methods that I want to apply in my design.

Work flow


Prototype & User Test


User test

I took pictures of the sketch papers of the prototype and ask people who drive what problems they have found through texting in Wechat.

User interface

Final Delivery & Concept rendering


Screen final design

This exhibits the screen in the parking lots in order to better lead drivers to find the available parking spots, which consists of the directions, area division, available parking spots number and so on.


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