Floaty Teddy

For this project, we are required to build a VR game on Vive that players should enjoy lots of  freedom when playing. And the players are all naïve guests that have little experience on AR.


This is a AR game called Floaty Teddy that users try to solve three puzzles during his/her way helping the teddy bear float up to find its owner, a little girl, by using the only tool on hand, a magical hairdryer. 

Design challenge


Design a game with limited sight scope for naive guests.

Magic Leap



Game design, Interaction Design, 3D Art, 2D Art, Animation

2 weeks

Design tools

Team members

Maya, Photoshop, Substance Paintor, Unity

Ouyang Ningshan(programmer), Xinran Zhan(Artist)

Feiyan Zhang(Artist), Yingran Zhang(Sound designer)


During our discussion of making what kinds of game, I came up with an idea - an unusual hairdryer that can blow clouds. Everyone burst out laugh on this idea so we thought it's a creative and funny idea. So we started our game mechanism from this. The goal of this interactive experience is:

1. Intuitive: When guests see a hairdryer holding on hand, he/she will know how to use it. Because for every hairdryer, the start button is more or less on the same position. 

2. Freedom: Innitially, we want guests can blow everything by utilizing the hairdryer, including bear, clouds. 

3. Engagement: Except from blowing things around, we make islands as obstacles. Also, we build three puzzles with increasing difficult level to play with.

Interaction map

Asset development

In this game, I created cloud models, different islands and the little girl model with animations. We want to make it like a fancy world for girls to enjoy so we chose colors that are low saturation but light brightness like pink and orange.

Key scenes


After weel1, we ran 11playtests with naive guests and students. Guests were all intuitive to know how to use the magic hairdryer. However, three puzzles without voive-over instructions seemed a bit hard for them.


The most challenge we encountered is that our game was too hard for naive guests to think out ways to break obstacles without hint. Because we already made these levels in game, we had no other way but to add hint, though it lost some freedom.


In the beginning, guests can blow whatever he/she want but feels a little awkward and confused. That's why we created several puzzles for them to solve as well as increasing engagement. However, this lost some freedom.


Our three puzzles were a good way to interact. However, the function of hairdryer, blowing, constrains our creativity of making puzzles a bit. Like for the second bird puzzle, we innitially want guests to figure out the connection between the birds and islands with bells (their colors are the same). However, the playtests showed that it's too hard for them. 

Limited sight scope

The AR device, Magic Leap, has a very limited field of view, which leads to the problem of the near clipping plane. The hairdryer looks great when the hand is extended. Otherwise, guests can't see the hairdryer very closely.

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