These visual works below include covers, live action videos, animations, photographs and vlog I made.

Stream categories covers

During the internship in Tencent, I designed several interesting and creative game category covers. These covers, on the basis of maintaining the original shape of the object, add more brand IP and visual elements. Also, it follows the oblique cutting shape and colorful highlight to maintain the overall consistency.

Love yourself. Live for yourself.

This is a work from Visual Story class in ETC. It's a live action music video. I am responsible of shooting, editing and directing. We won The Best Cinematography / Best music video / Best Editing in class. Credit from Lose you to love me - Selena Gomez.

Have your cake & eat it

This is a work from Visual Story class, too. It's a music puppet video. I am responsible of shooting and directing in the team.

Oops, my college life in Shahe, Beijing

It is an animation work that I did as the team leader with After Effect, which was created before we moved out of the new campus, Shahe that we had lived for two years to the old campus. Despite the complaints, it was more reluctant to leave for us.

Dancing Angel - Game Design

In the Unity Game Practice class, we utilized Unity to design a musical game within 2 weeks, in which players can operate to surmount obstacles according to music rhythm changes. During the whole process, I took the main charge of the artistic designing part.

Hi, London! - vlog

In February 2018, I went to Imperial College London to participate in an artificial intelligence project and won the overall winner. Apart from learning, I visited many tourist sites, and edited a vlog according to my experience in London.



I started to like photography from high school and liked portrait shootings from university. Here are some of my portrait works.




As I like cooking and eating, I build my own WeChat public account - Food Remembered and upload photos of food that I shot, the experience of making and enjoying on it. Most of them are taken in school dormitory and the environment is relatively simple. | Tel: 86-18038161913    +1-4125834745

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